How To Invite Into Rippln

Below is how i get people in to Rippln with this simple but powerful system, just
follow the system step by step for a solid 7 days and just watch how your Ripples
will turn into a tidal wave.

The first thing you should do his go through your phone for all your contacts such
as family,friends etc :

text or talk to them and say this
“Have you heard the Buzz about Rippln?”

if they say no then text or talk

“let me give you a video for you to understand more”
What Is Rippln?

” if you are interested i will need your first and last name and email to send you the
private invite code”

If the say yes they have seen it but not sure then text or talk
“can you watch this video of Rippln it’s a bit longer but goes into more detail”
Rippln The Bigger Picture
This gives the bigger picture of Rippln but it’s a bit long so if they join you after just seeing
the first video great you can always show them the long video after to give them the bigger
picture once they have joined then give them all this information I’m giving you straight
away and teach them to do the same as i am showing you.Simple but powerful don’t forget contacting all your friends on Facebook and put the videos on your Facebook timeline with some think like:
“Please check this out if interested i will need your first and last name,email to send you a invite”
Also visit our private group as Anne Marie s has put a lot of links to different sources of help and the latest updates of Rippln and once you get people into Rippln get them into the group straight away.
Go to for all the Rippln videos and some Google Hangout videos.
you can go to and register also they
will send you updates can watch previous Youtube hangouts will keep you informed keep
checking the group for more updates etc
Like i said keep going to the private group and ask questions for the answers your not sure
on they will be some one there that will get back to you and get back to me any time for help i will try my best to help.So to start go out and get 5 people then teach them to do the
same by showing them this you can just copy and paste this information and give
them this or put it in your your own words or a different language whatever suits you best , just lead the way and become the teacher.
I hope this will help you in spreading your Ripples the first step is the hardest but once you
have took that step the rest are easy.
Jeannette the lady who introduced me to Rippln gave me this tip on how and who to invite
people to Rippln hope this helps

“Who to inform about Rippln:

An average person knows about 300 people on the planet.
Rippln is very interesting to anyone and everyone with a smart phone.
Therefor your Rippln fishing pond is actually a fishing OCEAN.

Who to invite?
• your parents
• your siblings
• your nieces and nephews
• your cousins
• your step siblings
• your Mom’s new boyfriend
• your Dad’s ex girlfriend (and vice versa)
• your best friends
• your friends
• your friends’ friends
• your neighbours
• your former neighbours
• your elementary school class mates
• your high school class mates
• your college friends
• your uni friends
• your on-the-job-training friends and colleagues
• your basketball, hockey, football, biking, running, boxing, karate, judo, etc. friends
• your coach
• your shrink
• your GP
• your butcher
• your baker
• the lady at the cash register in your super market
• your paper boy
• your window cleaner
(Hello, I am the Viper
Yes, I have come to vipe your vindows )
• your personal trainer
• your dog trainer
• your nail artist
• your physical therapist
• your hypno therapist
• your masseur
• the person in your local plant shop
• your mailman
• your tax advisor
• your banker
• your mason
• your gardener
• your house painter
• etc. etc.
Anyone and everyone is a potential Rippln player”

Here’s a cool invite to use from Korey Johnson

Hello ________,
I’ve come across something incredible in the mobile app world. They expect 20 million
people to download in 1st yr. I don’t care if you are apart but you deserve to at
least see. Watch this movie asap and give me your feedback.

The Rippln Wealth Revolution – Rippln Explained

The Rippln Wealth Revolution – Rippln Explained

Kind Regards And Happy Rippln
(Cas) Craig Smith

If you have not joined our team in Rippln yet either because your private invite code has
expired or you did not put your first and last name important (only way can send invite out)
or may be you just not got round to doing so please feel free to join us as when you join our team you will be invited to join our awesome private Facebook group where you will get
the latest news on Rippln and how the best ways to get people involved in rippln.

The best way and quickest way to join Rippln is to connect with me on Facebook or
Skype my username = cas41070 and state why you want to connect with me with your
First And Last Name (IMPORTANT) and your Best Email then we can get the invite code
to you or you can visit The Movement and op-tin. Sorry This is Important Once you get
your invite code you must activate it in 1hour of receiving it as i will have to deactivate
it and pass it on to to some one else as people are waiting to join our team and we
can only send 5 invites out at a time.

Join Rippln

Join Rippln